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Ghosts carry long chains and rattle:  This image was originated in A Christmas Carol.  Jacob Marley’s ghost was draped in long chains, representing the selfishness he forged in the living world.  As far as ghost experts know, Marley is the only chain carring ghost known to exist.


 Ghosts appear in long white sheets:   The only ghost wearing a sheet is a fake ghost, a Halloween costume.  Ghosts usually appear wearing the same clothes they wore in the living, if not clothed in what they were buried in.


Ghosts moan and wail or say “Boo”:  Some ghosts make no noise at all, while others talk, sing, laugh or cry.  The noises most often heard are footsteps, knocking on walls, rappings on doors, or regular human voices.  If a ghost is seen, usually it is silent.  And as far as “BOO”, that’s usually what people say, not ghosts!


Ghosts float:  Ghosts can float, but they can also walk, run, jump, ride horses, pretty much anything they were able to do in the living.  They may move with a smoothness that makes them appear to be floating, but they move freely how ever they choose.


Ghosts hang out in cemeteries:  Ghosts can be found in and around cemeteries but the most common place for them are homes.  The ghost will hang around where it feels most emotionally connected.  Unless it has some reason to be where it was buried (bodies parts buried seperatly) or it’s grave has been disturbed (grave robbers), they are more likely to pick a much more favorable haunt.


Humans are the only ghosts:  Ghosts are usually the specters of people, but there have been hauntings by the spirit of animals.  People have reported encountering ghosts that didn’t seem to have ever been a living thing, just a shapeless mass of energy or mist.  Our own Sarah has lived in homes with animal spirits before and truly believe that other things can be ghosts as well.

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