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How Not to be Scared


It is human nature to be afraid of ghosts, and you're probably no different.  We are at times scared as well.  They are the unknown.  But not to worry.  It's okay to be a little scared, but as a ghost hunter you don't want to be seen running from the haunted location screaming! 
Here are some tips to keep the willies away:
  • Keep your friends close by.  We never ever investigate alone, nor do we go off exploring by our selves, even if it is in the next room.
  • Keep a flashlight handy.  Remember as a kid, scared of what was under the bed or in the closet and feeling better with the lights on?  Same thing here.
  • Stay focused on what you're doing.  This keeps your mind off of being afraid.
  • Think of it as a scientific experiment.
  • Smile if you see a ghost.
  • And above all if you do get scared to the point of needing to leave, by all means do so, slowly.

copyright @ 2006 by AF