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General Ghost Characteristics and Powers


The various types of ghosts can be different, but most share some general characteristics that we as ghost hunters have noticed throughout our ghost hunting careers:


Translucency:  If the ghost can be seen (some can only be heard or felt), it is translucent, which means that you can see through it, transparent.  Witnesses may at first think they are seeing a regular person, until they realize they can see right through their visitor.


Insubstantiality:  This means that the ghost has no physical substance.  You can’t touch and feel it like you would another living person, if you tried your hand would pass through it.  You may be able to see or hear the ghost, but it isn’t a solid form.  It’s almost like a fog, you can see it but you can’t grab it.


Dropping Temperature:   Many witnesses have noticed that when a spirit is present, the temperature in the air drops dramatically, use several degrees.  It can get cold enough that people can actually see their breath (remember the closing scenes of “The Sixth Sense”, when Bruce Willis was in the room with his sleeping wife and you could see her breath?)  Some believe this happens because the ghost uses the heat in the air to make itself seen or heard.  Ghosts need energy to manifest, heat is energy.  As a result, the air grows cold.  Be on the look out for cold spots, you may be in the vicinity of a spirit!


Repetition:  Ghosts seem compelled to repeat the same actions over and over.  They can be seen walking the same hallway of the house they died in, or can be heard repeating the same words to different people.  Some will revisit the same location again and again.  But other ghosts appear in one location just once.  This is also called a Residual Haunting.

Imitation of Life Signs:  Alot of ghosts can do alot of the same things living true ghost is just a creature able to cause the same damage as a normal person: voice, various noises, contact with objects. It may also generate wind to shut doors or windows. The sensation of cold is often associated with the ghost.

Electromagnetic fields:  Defying Ohm's law of resistance, ghosts are able to maintain a distinct electromagnetic field in a defined yet apparently homeostatic area of the atmosphere.

Odors:  It is said that some ghosts, called spirits, do not have the energy to manifest physically. Instead, they have developed the ability to rearrange the molecules in the local area to correspond with a structure discernable by the olifactory glands. So stop blaming the dog for that sudden gust of burrito; it may just be a friendly ghost, hoping to communicate with you.

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