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Age Regression: The process of going back to a previous time in your current life through the use of hypnosis.

Akashic Record: A chart of a person’s past lives, future lives, and parallel lives.

ApparitionA ghostly figure.

Astral Projection: Projecting one’s consciousness into the spirit world.

Automatic Writing: A method of communication with the other side that involves using a normal writing instrument and paper. The automatic writer allows a spirit to control the pen and what is drawn or written on the paper.

Autonographist: Professional automatic writer.

Channeler: A person who allows a spirit to temporarily possess his or her body in order for the spirit to be able to communicate with the living

Channeling Board: A tool used for communication with the other side. Also known as a Ouija board or talking board.

Clairalience: The ability to use smell to receive a spirit’s message.

Clairambience: The ability to use taste to receive a spirit’s message.

Clairaudience: The ability to hear sounds to receive a spirit’s message.

Clairsentience: The feeling or sensing of a spirit’s message.

Clairvoyance: The ability to see objects or events that others can’t.

Collective Apparition: An apparition that is seen simultaneously by multiple witnesses. 

Discarnate: Spirit or ghost – having no material body or form.

Ectoplasm:  a substance held to produce spirit materialization and telekinesis.

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP): A term used to describe the noises and voices that are recorded on traditional audio or videotape, but that aren’t necessarily audible to the human ear .

Extrasensory Perception (ESP): An awareness of outside happenings or information not attained through the normal human senses. 

Ghost Buster: A person who visits a site that is believed to be haunted with the expressed purpose of eliminating the ghost or paranormal activity from that location.

Ghost Hunter: A person who investigates and studies ghosts, hauntings and paranormal phenomena.

Hypnotherapy: The treatment of an ailment through the use of hypnosis.

Medium: A person who has a special gift and believes he or she can act as a bridge between the world of the living and the other side.

Metaphysics: A field of study dedicated to the nature of reality; an underlying philosophical or theoretical principle.

Orbs:  Balls of paranormal energy.

Other Side: A term used to describe the spirit world, or the place spirits go after death beyond our physical plane.

Paranormal: A term used to describe unusual activity that involves ghosts, apparitions, spirits, hauntings, poltergeists, monsters, etc. This term defines anything for which there is no scientific explanation.

Parapsychology: The study of phenomena, real or supposed, that appear inexplicable on presently accepted scientific theories. 

Past-Life-Regression: The act of using trance or hypnosis to visit former lives.

Phenomenon: An unusual, profound, or unexplainable fact or occurrence. 

Physical Mediumship: A form of mediumship in which the spirit communicates using both the physical energies and consciousness of the medium.

Place Memories: Refers to a location that captures energy and uses it to record an image of an event that once happened there and later replays it.

Planchette: A pointing device used in conjunction with a Ouija board.

Poltergeist:  a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises.

Progression Hypnotherapy: The act of visiting future lives through the use of hypnosis.

PSI: A term used to describe psychic ability or power.

Psychic: A person who uses empathic feelings to tap into nonphysical forces.

Psychokinesis:  or PK is the ability to move objects using only one’s mind.It refers to the psionic ability to influence the behavior of matter by mental intention alone.

Psychosomatics: A field of study dedicated to the idea that the medical health of a person’s body is related to that person’s mind and emotions

Reincarnation: The idea that a soul can be reborn into a new human body.

Residual Haunting:  Is when a spirit plays back a past event.  These ghosts have no interaction with the living, it is almost as if your watching a movie.

Sixth Sense: A term used to describe psychic ability.

Soul Loss: The loss of vital energy experienced as a result of any kind of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual trauma.

Spirit: Electromagnetic entities in the forms of orbs, mist, vortexes, or shadows, which are the signature of a once-living person who has returned to a specific location. Their nature is interactive as opposed to residual. 

Spirit Communicator: A spirit or ghost that uses a medium in order to communicate with someone either verbally or visually.

Spirit Operator: A spirit or ghost that uses a medium to physically manipulate something on earth.

Spirit World: The place spirits go after death.

Spiritual Guide: A spirit that watches over a living person and that offers wisdom or guidance.

SPR:  Society for Psychical Research, an organization of spiritualists, scientists, and scholars who would join forces in a dispassionate investigation of psychical phenomena

Superpersonalities: Negative entities.

Telepathy:Telepathy is the process of communicating from mind to mind without using a physical mechanism.

Trance Mediumship: A form of mediumship in which the medium shares his or her energy with a spirit through the use of trance.

Vortex:  opening to the spirit world.

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